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Coordinated Public Transit and Human Services Transportation Plan for Coos, Carroll, and Northern Grafton Counties

It's a mouthful... what is the "Coordinated Plan" and why is it important?


The Coordinated Plan identifies where there are needs and gaps in transportation services for residents, and lays out action items and implementation strategies for maintaining and improving services.

The Coordinated Plan also enables transportation service providers to apply for important federal grants that support things like volunteer driver programs and vehicle purchases.

Download the 2014 Coordinated Plan here.


Coordinated Plan Update - Happening Now!


The Carroll County RCC and the Grafton-Coos RCC are in the process of updating the Coordinated Plan. Through this process, we want to hear from YOU to better understand the following:

‚ÄčWho in our communities needs transportation services to get around, but can't always access those services?

Where are these people located, and where do they need to go?

How can we best reach these people and connect them to resources (if available)?

What are the obstacles to getting people rides?

What are the opportunities for improving coordination between organizations to get rides for those who need them?


Stay tuned for an online survey (coming soon). In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any feedback.


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