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About Us

The Carroll County Regional Coordinating Council, or CCRCC, is a collection of transportation and human service providers, municipal officials, businesses, and citizens who seek to develop a diverse system of transportation options in the Carroll County region.

The objectives of the CCRCC are to:

1. Provide transportation that is accessible to all and inviting to all ages and all walks of life.

2. Promote collaboration among transportation providers, human service agencies, municipalities, businesses, and citizens.

3. Expand public transportation services and options including volunteer driver, carpooling, and taxi services, and bicycle and pedestrian paths.


The CCRCC meets bi-monthly to discuss their ongoing work, new developments in the county, and to coordinate efforts to better assist the elderly, low income and disabled individuals to find transportation to and from different destinations.

More information is available on the Meetings page. Meetings are open to the public - anyone with an interest in community transportation is welcome to join.

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